Compunet Holding A.A. Ltd.(hereinafter: “Compunet”) considers privacy to be of the utmost importance. We prize confidentiality and do not sell or share consumer information with other websites, businesses or organizations. In order to protect our customer’s privacy, we have adopted the following principles:

  • We recognize your need for privacy: We do our best to safeguard the personal data provided to us by you ( hereinafter: “your data” or the “Information”) by adopting procedures and observing standards designed to prevent misuse of this information.
  • We do our best to secure your data: We collect, retain and use information about you only when we believe it will help administer our business, comply with our legal obligations or enhance the services we provide you. The information we obtain about you is used solely for specific business purposes related to our mutual collaboration.
  • We maintain your Information: We have adopted procedures to ensure that your data is accurate, updated and complete; this will allow us to better respond to your requests, resolve billing disputes or correct inaccurate information in a timely manner.
  • We use strict security procedures to protect your information: Our process is designed to prevent unauthorized access to your confidential information. We update and test our technology on a regular basis to ensure the integrity of our system.
  • We are maintaining your privacy: If we were ever to provide information about you to a party outside Compunet we would require such a party to agree and sign a non disclosure agreement to safeguard our confidential information about you and the services we provide you.
  • We do not share any confident customer information with the limited exception of when we may be legally required to do so.