Netpay Mobile Solution

Netpay Mobile Solution is a smartphone application, developed by Netpay, through which a merchant can swipe and process a credit-card transaction. The app is fully compatible with both iPhone and Android platforms. This is made possible by our driver-stack technology, which allows merchants to facilitate multiple types of swipe hardware.

Our intuitive design allows our clients to monitor and control all services and transactions, via the Admin Interface.

The app uses Device Keychain Services to store user’s private data; all communication to the server is encrypted (SSL3) and signed (SHA256). The application itself can be used as a payment platform for other 3rd party applications, and comes complete with user-friendly SDK resources, which may be distributed to third-party application vendors.

Netpay’s Mobile App features:-

  • iPhone and Android Compatibility
  • Universal Swipe Hardware Support
  • Interactive Admin Interface
  • Secure Data and Communications Encryption
  • Third-Party Application Compatibility
  • SDK Resource Pack

For more information on Netpay Mobile Application, download this presentation  ico-pdf